3. Mobile brand gaming – Play and Communication

Posted by October 23, 2013
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For as long as humans have stood on two legs (probably when we were on all fours) we’ve invented distractions to occupy us and entertain us. Playing takes us to a place where we become more relaxed, immersed and focused. We overcome challenges, we get competitive and we even get angry, but ‘play’ as a state of mind is something everyone does in varying degrees and it is good for the human spirit. Only recently have videogames given us the ability to realise new worlds with more powerful hardware; to play in different times and places, to take on different personalities and motivations. Everyone plays games on their mobiles, whether they identify themselves as a ‘gamer’ or not.


With their high levels of processing power, videogame consoles used to be the weapon of choice. The same is now happening with mobile. As a distraction, gaming is pretty hard to beat right now. Even the reliable TV, the mainstay of distraction for generations, is ‘on demand’ like everything else is now. This is great for us, but for the companies who want to sell you their products, it’s becoming more and more difficult to engage and inform consumers. This is where mobile brand gaming comes in.
Gaming on mobile devices is a communications channel which is so attractive that consumers actively want to download and interact with it. Brands, advertising and products have been incorporated into games for decades but it was a one-way street from brand to consumer. With the advent of the App store in 2008, games developers were allowed to track the activities of the player through data analytics. This data, downloaded from the game within the consumers device, focused on how the players interacted with the game and how they played it which enabled the developer to fine tune the game itself to maintain the players engagement and keep them playing.

Kristien Wendt, Proelios – Brand Gaming

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