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Posted by October 25, 2013
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The balance between the communication of a client’s brand with an engaging experience is vital. Talk about the brand too much, the consumer loses interest (gamers really don’t like their immersive gameplay experiences interrupted) but stray too far away from the brand key messaging or information and the consumer just has a nice game to play and the brand message and engagement is weakened.

If you’re a brand asking for the consumers attention, be it a TV spot or Facebook video, the content has got to be good, otherwise you risk losing their interest or even more dangerously, forming a negative impression. With a mobile brand game, quality is even more important as they’ll be spending a lot more time playing than watching a 30 second ad. A brand wouldn’t skimp on the quality of their TV production and the same applies to brand gaming. A mobile brand game should reflect and represent the brand, and at a time when consumers are watching less TV and spending more time playing games on their mobiles, brands skimp on game production at their own peril.

For brands to break into the mobile gaming space, the games need to be relevant, fun, of high quality and above all, engaging. Consumers have so much choice now – you have to earn their trust and engagement before they’ve even tried your brand or product. But, if you get it right and give them an experience they enjoy and keep enjoying, like a game, you will create a relationship with them which you can nurture and grow.

Kristien Wendt, Proelios – Brand Gaming

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