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It’s been 15 years since Cube3 began and since then I have worked on some tough projects, some unique projects, some seemingly impossible projects and a lot of projects that I am very proud of.

In that time I have always kept one eye on the industry. I don’t believe it is possible to run a successful agency without a keen awareness of what is going on around you. For me that has always meant ensuring that, not only do I know where the industry’s heading, but that I can make sure that the projects we are delivering for our clients are in line with the most innovative work delivered across the board.

And, as the owner of a Manchester agency I feel a sense of responsibility towards the North West, how we are represented, the clients we work with, the digital identity of the region.

Plus I’m a nosey bastard.

That’s why I put myself forward to judge at the BIMA Awards. Because I don’t believe that anything can be gained from running an agency in isolation, that we all have a vested interest in what’s happening in our industry and that by celebrating the best we have the opportunity to ensure that we all keep learning and moving forwards.

Unfortunately I never really thought about what a challenge it might be, especially as the BIMAs actually make the judging process particularly tough on purpose. They pride themselves on being thorough and that’s what makes the awards so covetable and prestigious in their own right.

It was an honour to be selected to be part of the panel.

On 17th July I attended the initial BIMA Judges briefing where I met the other judges, thirty in total, all impressive representatives of the digital industry’s great and good. The range of expertise was clearly fundamental to the judge selection process and attendees included the lead product manager for Channel 4 Online, director of marketing communications at Microsoft and the business director of AAR Group, as well as some of the most highly respected agency leaders in the industry, including the planning director for SapientNitro. A formidable team to be a part of.

This first insight into the process emphasised the priority of BIMA to execute a comprehensive judging process, also made unique by its phased approach, which we were told about on the day. The first phase consists of online judging where entries are ‘marked’ according to stringent criteria that take into account: Interactivity, Creativity, Execution and Effectiveness. Entries for each category are marked out of 25 and each judge must look for evidence of a project being brought to life creatively, breaking new ground, being executed to the highest standard and, of course, getting results.

Until 9th August judges will be accessing the entries online and scores will be totaled before judging day on 11th September when the highest scoring entries in each category will be taken apart and put back together again by the panel.

Competition is set to be fierce and standards will almost certainly be very high.

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