BIMA Awards first round – a judge’s perspective

Posted by August 16, 2013
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The process of judging the prestigious BIMA Awards is well underway. The online vote was submitted last week and it was the judges’ first opportunity to view the entries that had been submitted.

It goes without saying that the standard was high. But in every category the quality of almost every entry exceeded my expectations.

There is some incredibly innovative work going on out there.

Entries are judged across four categories:

– Interactivity
– Creativity
– Execution
– Effectiveness

And in every area judges are looking for projects that break boundaries, work that will push the industry forwards in terms of design, functionality and results.

Without giving too much away, the projects that scored well in all categories, for me, were the ones that really showed an exemplary understanding of the audience. There were some entries that really shone in terms of research and depth of appreciation for viewers and customers. These projects worked hard for their money and it was evident in their impressive results.

It can sometimes be tricky to draw a line when it comes to gathering research and insight on customers and potential customers but the strategic value in going into real depth cannot be ignored.

Knowledge and insight based on real world market intelligence is power.

The most unique ideas come from the audience themselves and, now more than ever, accounting for interactivity, not just how people will receive the message but how they will become involved with it, is at the heart of the most exciting campaigns.

The next stage of the judging will take place in London, the day before the awards event itself, when judges come together to discuss the entries with the highest votes so far.

I am sure there will be a few surprises…

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