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BIMA South Breakfast Briefing, with Ben Doran, Head of Technology, EMEA at Lowe Profero.

Posted by July 28, 2015
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Decoded sent Head of Digital Paul Cooper down to the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) Breakfast Briefing this week to meet up with South Coast-based businesses, creative studios and digital agencies and to hear from Ben Doran, Head of Technology, EMEA at Lowe Profero. Here’s what he took away from the event.

I love the BIMA Breakfast Briefings. Not just for the delicious Instagram breakfasts provided by the culinary geniuses at Urban Reef, and not because I’m at my best in the mornings. It’s not because it’s a chance to meet new people, catch up with old friends, see Matt Desmier’s amazing new suit, and escape from the office. They’re all valid reasons and do add to the pleasure. It’s because beautiful Bournemouth has provided yet another opportunity to inspire me and broaden my understanding of the creative and digital industry that I love. Following on from the fascinating and hilarious briefing from Mary Keane-Dawson in June was always going to be difficult, but Ben Doran smashed it.

Ben’s talk focussed on new technology, and how the ultimate question of “what’s the next big thing in technology” is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible to answer. The magazine and newspaper headline examples which he showed to the rapt audience of Bournemouth creative glitterati illustrated this point perfectly: “2015 is the year of wearables”, “How 2015 is not the year of wearables”, “2013 is the year of mobile”. His observation that behaviour rather than technology should lead ideas is an interesting one and something I believe in strongly. Technology serves to facilitate an idea and make it a reality and should rarely be the starting point for a concept. Let’s not limit our thinking or base our ideas on what we hope technology can achieve or let it be shaped by technology’s limitations, but instead let us open our eyes to the challenges people face every day, and remove the shackles of what we believe to be possible. Ben showed us two innovative ideas for sun screen products, both of which were created to solve a specific problem. The first attempted to tackle the problem of skin cancer in Australia: a simple Bluetooth LE chip in the lid of the sun screen bottle sends a message to your phone which begins a countdown to remind the user to reapply sun screen at the appropriate time. Using location and local weather forecasts, the system calculates the optimal time to reapply. Ideas like this are possible not because of one piece of tech, but by the amalgamation of a whole bunch of things like the cloud, clever APIs, mobile tech and Bluetooth.

The second example from Ben took the idea of looking after people on the beach one step further, and provided parents with a tracker wristband for their children in case they wander off. The wristband used cheap technology and was printed in a magazine ad campaign as a tear-off strip, which wirelessly connects to a mobile app. Genius! No more lost kids, let’s get back to working on that tan.

Both these examples emphasise Ben’s point that as innovators and thought leaders we need to look for patterns in behaviour and not big moments if we want to innovate. I’m conscious the title of this blog post suggests you’ll find out what the next big thing in technology will be and I don’t want to disappoint. So you might be pleasantly surprised to hear that the next big thing in technology isn’t going to be wearables, or the internet of things, in fact it’s probably going to be you.

At Decoded Solutions, we choose to work with clients who understand that changing the world is done by people, not technology. We’re here to help exploit technology to solve BIG real world problems. Decoded employ experts in many types of programming languages and don’t limit our skill set to a particular language or framework which gives us a HUGE advantage over other bespoke software houses. If you’d like to work with us, we’d like to work with you. Click here to say hello >> 

This post was written by Paul Cooper, Head of Digital, Decoded – Thanks Paul!

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