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Book Reading: The Age of Engage: Reinventing Marketing for Today’s Connected, Collaborative, and Hyperinteractive Culture

Posted by March 10, 2008
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[I only caught the end of this talk because I got lost trying to find a way up to the 4th level from the 3rd (don't ask it really did happen!) and Dierdre Walsh was sitting by the door and sent me her notes. Cheers, Dierdre]

Overview: Marketers can no longer interrupt users with advertisements and other materials thanks to technology advancements like TIVO. Now, we need to engage users.

Here are some helpful guidelines:

A. You have to be about ONE Thing. Currently, marketers create a list of features and benefits for a new product, which makes people research specs. Need to have 1 thing that you focus on that people can't research. Eg: Apple's one thing: STYLE. In a marketplace where style wasn't important, Apple made style a key factor. Style was a good choice in the 1 thing, because it's personal and emotional. B2B marketers need to capture people's hearts.

B. Once you have that 1 thing — Attract people by controversy, vision, interaction, and/or simple tools
1. Controversy. This starts the dialog. Eg: Bob Garfield at NPR — — got a lot of attention for him and got comcast to take action.
2. Be the visionary in your business. Discuss future services, technologies, etc. Get users to keep coming back to you.
3. Interactions (polls, surveys, rank). Do anything to get your users to "push a button."
4. Have a simple tool. Eg: — website grader — you vs. competitor. If you don't get a good grade, use hubspot for SEO. Eg: 4-hour work week –lifestyle design quota. If you don't get a good answer, you should buy the book. 😉

C. Create Together
Use wikis as both a marketing and community tool. Have users help with marketing. Also, let users solve problems with the company. Users will get involved if end result will help them.

D. Build Street Cred
Eg: Yvon Chouinard – Patagonia (uses real customers in ads)
Eg: E-books. Give e-books away. Creative Commons is great because users will brand you for you.

E. Think User Experience
Nike Plus — tracks runs and uploads data to iPod and the Nike Community. Brings people back to Nike over and over. Consumers constantly create new data not Nike.

F. Spread Ideas
Word-of-Mouth is still young in marketing process. It's about being relative, creative, and humor. It must also provide info that people didn't have before.

G. Choose Strategic Path
Choose what media fits your value and customer base. If your client doesn't want to advertise on mobile phones, don't make them.

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