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Business mixers: a cocktail for success? Discuss.

Posted by August 5, 2014
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Sarah Ronald (MD of Nile and member of the BIMA Executive) shares her experience of the benefits of getting involved:

What’s the best way to grow your business? Work in isolation? Keep all your experience to yourself? Or share, contribute to something bigger, grow your industry sector and ride that wave to your own business success?

It’s a dilemma. Not least, it seems, for the Scottish Service and Experience Design, Digital, and Interactive Media sectors. As a broad industry, we are on the rise. But could we be helping each other to get there quicker?

It’s a concept it seems people are now buying into, judging by industry events like BIMA Thirstday, which is celebrating its second birthday in Scotland (on Thursday for those who missed the clever play on words).

Nile hosted the inaugural night and, two years on, we are doing so again for the 2nd anniversary bash. Twenty people attended the first one. Around 100 are expected at Thursday’s birthday party. In that time Thirstdays have seen:

  • 23 events
  • 22 venues
  • 20 sponsors
  • 14 hosts
  • 1400 attendees
  • £9500 of free drinks

But despite the increase there are still many who are not buying into the idea that a healthy industry is good for their individual business. By the time BIMA Thirstday reaches its 4th birthday, I’d like to to try to change that perception.

I joined BIMA after being invited by Justin Cooke whose collaborative and supportive spirit I admire. My motivation to promote it now is so we can better share and collaborate in order to grow our whole industry.

I think we can only achieve the scale of growth that I want for digital services by working together. Everybody involved in BIMA strives to raise the bar, to set a standard that enhances the Scottish and British digital media industry’s reputation internationally.

That philosophy is clearly present at our other BIMA events too, the CEO dinners and the Breakfast Briefings.

For me it is a question of business belief. A choice between confidence and uncertainty. One says: “I have faith in this sector. What we do has innate and lasting value.” The other says: “I’m not so sure.”

If you are a BIMA member, bring someone else to the next event. If not, bring yourself. We look forward to seeing you and to hearing how you can help us to shape our activities and actions over the next two years to better work for you, and for all of us.

Business is about relationships. Digital is about connections. And Thirstdays are about a enjoying a few drinks with industry colleagues.

What do you think? Comment below or tell us @NileSays and @bima

This piece was first published on 4 August on the Nile website:

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