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  • Smarter targeting will be essential in protecting young consumers

    Posted by on May 13, 2015 // 1 Comment

    Alcohol Concern recently released a recent report that looked at children’s recognition of alcohol marketing. It revealed some worrying statistics, with children as young as 10-years-old being very familiar with alcohol brands. The main issue was seen to be beer brands’ sponsorship of sporting teams: most notably football. The report suggested that while there are
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  • 3 Key Questions Ahead of Google’s ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Algorithm Change

    Posted by on April 2, 2015 // No Comments
    Ve Interactive

    We’ve been promising you that 2015 is the year of the mobile. In fact we said it in 2014. But now Google have caught up and announced that they’re including mobile-friendliness in their search algorithm from April 21st of this year.   So not only will lack of a fully-fledged mobile strategy cost you conversions
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  • Registration, Guest Checkout Or Social Login?

    Posted by on April 1, 2015 // No Comments
    Ve Interactive

    When it comes to the checkout, it can be difficult to know which login options to offer the user. Do you just choose one and commit to it fully? Do you throw all three at the consumer and hope that one will appeal?   There are merits and downsides to each option so there is
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  • Youth Digital Engagement at #SMWLdn

    Posted by on October 3, 2014 // No Comments

    We were delighted to deliver a session on Youth Digital Engagement: getting it right with Gen Y, C and Z at Social Media Week on Tuesday 23rd September. The session delivered by our BIMA board members: Andrew Henning, CEO, Redweb. @andrewshenning Natalie Gross, CEO, Amaze. @amazenat Tiffany St James, Co-Founder, Transmute . @tiffanystjames We focused
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  • Learning about Taxonomy in Web Design

    Posted by on September 25, 2014 // No Comments
    Tobias Tobias

    Having started at Tobias & Tobias in June I found myself getting to grips with new people, approaches, tools and technology but there was a moment in an one of the first design meetings I attended that stood out. A word was mentioned that I thought I understood but it soon became apparent I would need a closer analysis. The word was taxonomy.

  • Learnings from ‘The Academy’ at we are experience

    Posted by on May 11, 2014 // No Comments
    we are experience

    we are experience share our top tips for successful on-boarding of entry-level candidates (mainly from a design background) via this post from Celina Goddard, design consultant. With company expansion on the horizon it only seemed logical to create an effective training and internship programme, to give students a smooth transition into the industry. Like in
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  • BIMA DDay Winners 2013

    Posted by on February 27, 2014 // No Comments

    It is with great pleasure to announce that our Grand Prix winners for DDay 2013 are… Jessica Akinbodunshe, Morayo Shittu, Lauren Moore, Ella Hollis, Victoria Hinch, Leyla Elsey, Harriet Cramphorn, Ibu Ajanaku, Diana Boodram, Sophie Cohen and Victoria Olusegun for their Social Media entry entitled BLOWOUT. All Grand Prix winning students are from Townley Grammar
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  • New York ad tech: five observations

    Posted by on December 10, 2013 // No Comments
    Results International

    Advertising technology professionals seem to be a dime a dozen in New York, with more than 8,000 of them in town for a recent conference. This is a sector that’s booming – but what can we on this side of the pond learn from the state of ad tech in New York? 1. Confusion in
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  • Mapping UK digital skills across creative sectors

    Posted by on January 31, 2013 // No Comments

    To enable the right provision to be made for digital skills in the creative sector Creative Skillset are welcoming input to a short online survey from creative sectors. This survey, combined with further research, will help define the digital skills needs of UK creative businesses and how they are currently being served.

  • BIMA D-Day 2012 winners announced

    Posted by on January 15, 2013 // No Comments

    90 digital agencies from across the UK. 1800 very excited school children. We brought the two together on 10/10/12 for BIMA D-Day and the results are now in…
    We are delighted to announce that the Grand Prix winners of D-Day 2012 are Dr Challoner’s Grammar School in Amersham and their partner agency Netcel.

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