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Creating the first ever National Occupational Standards for Marketing Communications and Advertising

Posted by March 1, 2012
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BIMA is involved on your behalf in industry-wide efforts to address the skills gap and I am delighted to tell you about our work with the UK Government and other trade bodies in the sector, including the IPA, IAB and MAA, to help develop the first ever National Occupational Standards for Marketing Communications (Advertising).

These Standards are of direct relevance to your organisation and mine. They define what someone working in the sector needs to know and the skills they need to possess. They will form the building blocks of a brand new Apprenticeship and set out a path for those entering the industry. You can even use them to create job descriptions and aid organisational development.

Once the National Occupational Standards have been finalised they will be used to develop the curriculum for the Higher Level Apprenticeship in Marketing Communications and Advertising. The ball is rolling quickly now and we’re within touching distance of being able to recruit keen, bright apprentices to learn on and off the job, usually with full funding already in place.

But as an industry we’re only going to get out of this what we put into it. Skillset has worked with BIMA and others to develop the draft Standards, which now need a sense check from you. As many of you as possible, from as many different parts of your business as possible, need to log onto the consultation site and leave your feedback on the draft Standards.

You don’t have to look at them all – just as many as have relevance to you and that you can manage. You’re invited to correct odd terminology, add things that have been overlooked, scribble all over them and re-write where needed. Any amount of time you can spend on this – from 10 minutes up to an estimated 45 minutes on average – is valuable. The consultation closes on 20 March and I urge you to take part.

One last thing: BIMA is happy to organise focus group sessions for anyone who prefers to comment within a group setting. Email for more information.

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