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Creative Director’s Roundtable, Bristol 26th November

Posted by December 5, 2014
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Do you remember a week ago in November, when we all sat huddled listening to Yoda? The collected Creatives sat with breath bated for the secret to a 300 million dollar button.

As we all came to realise no matter our size, we’re all governed by intuitive behaviours. The lesson we left with was simple but progressive; ‘Do to Think’ and not ‘Think to Do”!

On Wednesday 26th November BIMA held it’s inaugural Creative Director Roundtable at Hotel du Vin in Bristol.  Jez Groom, Chief Choice Architect at #OgilvyChange (aka Yoda!) delivered an extremely insightful and very entertaining discussion about Behaviour Design. Tristan Pride CD at E3 moderated and E3 hosted the event at Hotel du Vin.

We welcomed CDs, Lead Designers and Directors from True Digital, Spicerack, Proctor + Stevenson, Play Nicely, Palace, Nudge Digital,  Matthew Fairweather, Hurricane Media, EMO and BAE SAI.

Jez showed us how our two inner voices (Homer Simpson and Spock) work and that the majority of our decisions happen automatically.

When it comes to ideas, the smaller seemingly trivial ideas may make the big difference to a webpage. E.G. Bigger buttons for CTAs etc.

Jez also reminded us that even within the cynical, digital world we’re all susceptible to our human instincts and norms. After all who’s ever been bold enough to leave a jewellery, book, Tupperware party without buying anything?!

After a strong Q and A session, the discussion moved onto what next for BIMA in Bristol and in particular for CDs?

More inspirational talks, clinic sessions, a look at where tech is heading with reference to campaign work, pub get togethers and showcasing work have all been proposed.

Written by Laura Pride, BIMA Bristol Representative.

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