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Developing Mobile interactions | Evening Briefing take outs

Posted by August 4, 2014
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Last weeks evening briefing saw us tackling the subject of developing mobile interactions and asking ourselves what to bare in mind when designing a multi-channel proposition, campaign or service.

Julia Shalet & Priya Prakash of The Mobile Academy spoke first, with their approach to the topic advocating a user centric approach.

Julia lead with getting the room thinking about why products fail and took us through a few case studies. Priya reminds us “we learn the most from our failures.” Julia and Priya’s message was load and clear – products need to be moving people, both on the move and emotionally. Crucially miss one of these and failure will find you just around the corner.
The importance of tackling your own consumer research was highlighted and this early phase can prove to be the ingredient that makes the product. After looking a little closer at how we establish user needs Julia says “To deliver great experiences… across different devices… make sure you are clear on the user need and proposition.”

(This post will be updated with speaker’s slides shortly.)

Speaking next was Ryan Hall & Peter Dolukhanov, joint Managing directors at mobile specialist Nice Agency, looking beyond acquisition and asking the question, ‘How do you retain users on mobile?’

As brands spend more time and money on acquiring mobile users, not enough focus is spent on retaining them. Ryan and Peter’s talk spanned across the current market, engaging users and retention. Agreeing with both Julia and Priya, accurate user profiling is an integral part to any user journey with a product and will ultimately determine whether you can retain their loyal following.

Their top tips? Listen, iterate and repeat.

The Nice guys finished by reminding us; “Don’t let your brand get in the way of the experience…There is a lot of potential out there just by applying some very simple techniques to your mobile proposition.”

Our final speaker for the evening was David Galbraith, designer and Internet entrepreneur (Yelp, MRL Ventures, Moreover, Origins.) Talking about key trends in the mobile space David discussed the ongoing strategic impact of mobile on the tech landscape.  Looking at detail into user adoption of apps, mobile systems and networks David agreed with previous speakers points, and emphasize that there must be a way of treating a shop window like a screen.  The overriding advantage of any mobile phone is that it is with you all the time. This constant needs to be ustalized by brands/products and capitalized on without becoming spammy.

Did you miss this evening briefing just gone? Be part of the conversation and join us for our next briefing. Immerse yourself in the topic, hear from fantastic industry speakers and get involved with a live Q&A.

The remainder speakers slides will be uploaded shortly.

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