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Digital Britain. Isn’t this a big deal?

Posted by January 30, 2009
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The Digital Britain report is about establishing a proper platform for the digital economy, and will have far reaching impact across many industries, not just this one. From a creative perspective, the Government is keen to leverage Britain’s internationally-recognised talent in online, and in particular mobile and small screen development, as well as move on from a leading position in global entertainment formats, advertising, marketing services and research. There is indeed a lot to do to take the economy back from gloom to boom, but there is no doubt that a strong position in digital knowledge and understanding around content generation and ‘how to code’ is as important as the massive infrastructure issues facing the telecoms sector to deliver economically viable broadband to everyone in the nation. And what is the ‘second public service’ provider to consist of? All this and more will be debated over the coming months. I felt the earlier Creative Britain report was too much looking backwards to how great it was being a digitally illiterate creative director in the sixties. The Digital Britain report is about looking forward to how great it should be being a digitally literate creative business in the future. There’s big gaps – the games industry, the internet start up sector – but there’s an entire section dedicated to digital skills, and another to digital content. Creating the digital economy requires a vibrant digital sector. That’s, er, us. So let’s give it a go.

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