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Don’t take your foot off the gas

Posted by December 17, 2014
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The fat lady’s warming up her voice, the elves have been drafted and Santa is loading up on carbs for the main event.

So should we throw our hands in the air, head for the pub and start drinking shots or should we think about how we can nail down those last few opportunities for the year?

Well, in our game there’s no choice, we must and have to keep driving on to the bitter end so it’s no surprise we’ve learned a few things along the way.

Come to think of it, if you want to lie back, hit the pub and take your foot off the gas then please do, as it’ll leave more room for us as we crack on.

But think hard before you do this, as in sales the smart money is on burning bright all the way up to the line.

My team is still booking meetings and uncovering business so, as we say to all of our clients, ‘don’t go quiet – make hay whilst everyone else thinks it’s too late’. December and August have the reputation of being useless months (and actually this August was a bit of a slog) but having done this for 20 years I can tell you that generally they are as good as any other.

Ok, admittedly any meeting you book with a client now is going to be held in the New Year but Jan-March is such a great time for agencies to get briefs from brands so you want to be right out there and ready to do business as soon as you’ve digested your last turkey sandwich.

So assuming you still have a new business campaign running, make sure you don’t give up. At this time of year lots of people are also getting full of the Christmas spirit – that doesn’t mean that they’ll just give you a meeting because they’re de-mob happy but they may be more receptive to conversations so you can get their attention a little better.

Finally, and most importantly, if you ever go quiet on the new-biz front you are asking for trouble.

I know that many business owners don’t have time to concentrate on new business properly as they are busy looking after clients but just remember this – inactivity now will bring problems/dips in a month’s time just when the market is on fire.

Good luck with opening that last big door!

Mark Young
CEO Retriever New Business & Retriever Sales Performance

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