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Evening Masterclass | Innovation Incubation round-up

Posted by October 29, 2014
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Our Evening Masterclass series continued last week. Held at the lovely shiny Microsoft Mobile offices we were treated to an evening of inspiring 10 minuet talks followed by a lively Q&A session.

Innovation Incubation was the topic of discussion and we had a fantastic panel of speakers presenting their views on how to create a climate for innovation within your business or team.

BIMA Evening Masteclass Innovation Incubation

Claire Fawcett, Senior Visual Designer and Brilliant Basics treated us to an illustration of the evening’s talks.

Moderating the evening was Andy McCormick, editorial director at The Knowledge Engineers.

Our speakers for the evening were:

  • Peter Childs, Head of the School of Design Engineering and the Professorial Lead in Engineering Design at Imperial College London
  • Linda Davisdon, lecturer consultant and recently made the shortlist for the Woman of The Future awards.
  • Paul Dawson, Partner – Experience Design & Innovation at Fluxx.
  • Anand Verma, CEO and Founder of Brilliant Basics
  • Lawrence Weber, Managing Partner Innovation at Karmarama

It seemed apt that Andy was to lead with the definition of the word Innovate, and remind the room about the roots of the topic.

To make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.
Lawrence Weber introduced us to Karmarama’s initiative Krank, an initative celebrating and investing in entrepreneurial initiative within the Karmarama family. Describing the duty of an agency Weber explained, “the role of an agency is about being a parent to these ideas within our agency”.
Linda Davidson brought a touch of nostalgia when reintroducing us to the humble cassette and it’s relationship with a pen.
Her underlying message of the evening was to embrace the curios and encourage exploration outside of your job spec remit.
Paul Dawson echoed Linda’s message, and introduced us to Fluxx “an innovation company, creating new products and services to drive growth for established brands.” Paul had an altogether refreshing take in on innovation, and encouraged us to embrace trail and error.
One project that Paul has worked on was the concept of the ‘self control wallet.’ The concept was based on Dan Ariely’s ‘Predictably Irrational’, and we were quickly introduced to Fluxx’s solution, the Sandpaper wallet. Read more about the project here>>
His closing note was to “accept that dot com millionaires don’t work for you… empower those who do!”
Peter Childs swiftly introduced us to his definition of creativity being like an internal combustion engine (see speaker slides for diagram.)

Last but by no means least Anand Verma instilled a bit of Brilliant Basics ethos by reminding us that “the small guy has the power to change the world.” Brilliant Basics live by this mantra and has a KPI to have 5 entrepreneurs from the business by 2015.
The Evening Masterclass was rounded up by a Q&A session where the room shared their experiences about innovation in the workplace and refined practical ways to start applying the successful techniques of our speakers to their own business, organisation or teams.
Our next Breakfast Briefing is on ‘The future of customer centric marketing’, 12th November 2014. Learn more and book your tickets here>> We would love to see you there.

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