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Hacking – good or bad?

Posted by September 23, 2016
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The term ‘hack’ has become a bit of a multi-use buzzword. It originally came from a verb meaning “cut with rough or heavy blows” as you would do to chop down a tree.

It is now taken to mean anything from malicious programming attacks to memes across the internet called ‘Life hacks’ giving you short-cuts on how to make your life easier or quicker. The slightly older among us would still maybe have twinge of trepidation when hearing, or using the work ‘hack’, in that we associate it more with the malicious programmatic attacks we heard about in the 80s and 90s in films and from ‘worms’ and viruses attacking our own computers (causing us all to have to buy anti-virus software), along with laws being passed to criminalise ‘hacking’. So when I over-heard my colleague saying to a junior member of the team “you shouldn’t hack in the code just because it’s easier. Take the time to do it properly the first time round” my ears instinctively pricked up.

At Webigence we don’t ‘hack’ code, we are not in the business of using short-cuts to create our code. We pride ourselves in doing things the right way and writing our code base correctly first time. Obviously when we inherit code from other sources we sometimes have to write work-arounds but we always think through how this might affect things with the idea of trying to future proof and allow our clients the possibility of expansion with certain features. Taking the time to plan your web projects thoroughly is always recommended, so you can cater for as many users and scenarios as possible as well as future proofing with possible expansions of features on your website, or web application, down the line.

If you have a web project you need produced and would like to discuss it with our Technical Project Manager, please call 020 8739 0030 or email and we can arrange to help with planning and writing the technical specification.

To read the full blog with images please visit our website blog
Written by Natalie Wiggins

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