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How to improve your brand reputation through effective customer care

Posted by May 4, 2016
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Increasingly, consumers are utilising social media channels, especially via mobile devices, to engage with companies. Therefore, it is vital that you ensure your business focuses on responding effectively with customers online, to build a stronger brand reputation.

Connecting on social media

Do not underestimate the value of cultivating exemplary customer care services. By adopting this strategy you can generate new business, retain existing customers and ensure your brand differentiates itself from competitors operating within your sector. Increasingly, social media is becoming the primary platform through which consumers communicate with companies online.

Figures quoted by Social Media London show that 59% of the UK’s population have active social media accounts, while 30% appear to be utilising social media apps. With consumers increasingly accessing social media via mobile, they now have the ability to post a complaint concerning your company online at their own convenience. In order to prevent customer issues aired online from escalating, it is advisable to cultivate a response strategy which you can roll-out when necessary.

Social media customer service strategy

Delivering a prompt, helpful and friendly response when confronted with negative consumer feedback, may help to diffuse the situation and ensure the issue does not escalate. Here are a few tips you can utilise to develop an effective response strategy.

  • Establish a listening strategy: Customers will not necessarily post negative feedback directly on your company profiles. It is essential that you respond to all social media comments, otherwise you may alienate a consumer and lose their business. Utilise monitoring tools such as Google Alerts to develop a listening strategy. This will alert you when your business’ name is mentioned on social media, so you can respond straight away.
  • Commit to your customers: Large businesses have the resources available to respond to consumer feedback online around the clock; for instance, Xbox have a 27-strong team with the ability to respond at a pace of two messages per minute. If your business however only operates within specific hours e.g. 9am – 5pm, make sure your team clearly communicate your opening hours and response times so customers do not feel as though you are ignoring their concerns.
  • Give customers a platform: If you flag up and resolve a customer’s concern early, you stand a decent chance of retaining their business. Ensure that consumers can always get in touch easily and access a simple, streamlined complaints system if necessary. This will help ensure that issues do not escalate and limit the likelihood of a customer posting feedback on social media as a last resort.
  • Think like your customers: Reassure customers know that you empathise with their situation when responding to negative feedback online. Not only could this help you develop a successful solution to their issue, this strategy may alert you to any weaknesses your firm needs to address, so you can improve the level of customer service you provide.
  • Personalise your responses: If you rely on standardised responses when addressing a consumer’s issue, you may exacerbate their anger by suggesting that you do not understand the situation. Communicate with people in a respectful, personable way so you can engage with them on a human level and show you care about providing them with great service.

Engage on social media

Building and maintaining an active presence online can be highly beneficial. Not only could this prove advantageous to your customer services team and help you strengthen your communication strategy, it could boost traffic conversion to your firm’s website. According to Marketing Donut, companies which utilise social media have seen generated leads rise by 66% and traffic increase by 80%.

In order to reap the benefits of social media, it is essential that you capture consumers’ attention. If you include engaging content such as images and videos in your social media marketing strategy, you can provide consumers with multiple ways to familiarise themselves with your brand. By adopting this approach you could give your business the means to build a loyal following, providing you with a way to communicate your brand’s key values to target consumers.

Develop a strong brand reputation

Strive to adopt a comprehensive social media response strategy and monitor mentions of your firm’s name online at all times, to ensure your business can reap the benefits of engaging with consumers via social media.

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