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I sent out the invitation for our upcoming Top Cats this morning. I’m lazy so didn’t bother to use Underwired to send out the email. Instead, I emailed the 450 Top Cats in batches of 20 to 30, to help bypass filters that stop emails with a lot of email addresses in the To field. Therein lies the hint. I put everyone’s email address in the ‘To’ field instead of BCC’ing them. I immediately sent out an apology for distributing emails with the following note

Dear Top Cat,

Today I decided to send out the invitations in groups of 20 to 30, as it looks like some company filters automatically block emails with a lot of contacts in the To field. What I failed to realise was that I put your email address in the ‘To’ field instead of BCC. This means approximately 25 other people know your email address.

I apologise profusely for the screw up. I’ll revert back to using a professional company for email distribution. Felix from – expect an email from me soon!

The good news is that everyone on the list is obviously more professional than me and will assume your details should be kept confidential.

Some of them just laughed whilst others said that it was a privilege to be such a list anyway. Phew!

Behind every cloud lies a silver lining. I received 30 confirmations within 15 minutes of sending out the invitation with sample names in the To field. If you’ve been to this event in the past and didn’t get an invite, get in touch before it’s too late.

Whilst you might not recognise some of the companies on the list, it’s extremely likely that the Founders are either backed by an investor, or have previously sold at least one company.

Look at who’s coming in June

I will continue to update the list as more Top Cats RSVP. Keep an eye on the post if you want to see who else is coming.

  1. Alastair Duncan, CEO, mrm Worldwide
  2. Alberto Nardelli, Founder, UnLtdWorld
  3. Alex Cooper, MD, 1upSearch
  4. Alexis d’Amecourt, 19 Entertainment (they don’t have titles)
  5. Andrew Romans, General Partner, Georgetown Ventures
  6. Andy Evans, Founder, Net Communities
  7. Angela Kirkham, Publishing Manager, Online Marketing, O2
  8. Ann Jamieson, Director, pricejamieson
  9. Armando Ruffi, Co-founder, Zubka
  10. Avid Larizadeh, Associate, Accel Partners
  11. Bernard Howard, Founder,
  12. Cathy Grimes, Marketing Manager Personal Solutions, Equifax
  13. Catherine Toole, MD, Sticky Content
  14. Celia Francis, CEO, WeeWorld
  15. Chris Seth, European CEO, Piczo
  16. Daniel Appelquist, Senior Strategiest, Vodafone
  17. David Hart, Director, Codegent Ltd
  18. David King, Director, APCO Online
  19. Elizabeth Varley, Director, Online Content UK
  20. Emmett Kilduff, CEO,
  21. Felix Velarde, Founder, Underwired
  22. George Nimeh, Managing Director, iris Digital
  23. Giles Palmer, Managing director,
  24. Gurpritpal Singh, Director of Emerging Technology Developer & Platform Group (DPE), Microsoft
  25. Hugo Burge, COO, Cheapflights
  26. Irfon Watkins, CEO, Coull
  27. James Booth, Co-founder, Rockabox Media
  28. Jamie Murray Wells, Co-founder / CEO, Glasses Direct
  29. Jasmine Birtles, Founder,
  30. Jerome Touze, Co-founder, WAYN
  31. John Allwright, Senior Designer audience & tools PM, Microsoft
  32. John Ingham, Director, ESP
  33. Justin Bradley, Head of Digital Television, Sixth Sense UK
  34. Justin Champney, Head of Brand Innovation EMEA, McCann Worldgroup
  35. Justin Cooke, Founder / Managing Director, Fortune Cookie
  36. Keld van Schreven, CEO / Co-founder,
  37. Mairi Clark, Editor, Revolution Magazine
  38. Mark McDermott, Director, Codegent
  39. Matt McNeill, MD,
  40. Matthew O’Riordon, Founder, The Lemon Foundation
  41. Michael Smith, Founder, MindCandy
  42. Michele Neylon, Founder, Blacknight
  43. Mike Butcher, Editor, TechCrunch UK & Ireland
  44. Nic Brisbourne, Partner, Esprit Capital Partners
  45. Nick Halstead, Founder,
  46. Nick Saalfeld, Founder, Wellspark
  47. Pat Phelan, Founder, MAXroam
  48. Paul Birch, Founder, Cominded (congratulations on the recent sale of Bebo!)
  49. Peter Ward, Co-founder, WAYN
  50. Philip Wilkinson, Founder, Crowdstorm
  51. Richard Spalding, Founder, Kontraband
  52. Richard Titus, Controller User Experience & Design, BBC
  53. Rob Tavernier, Founder, Greedy Media
  54. Rob Walk, Managing partner, NovaRising
  55. Robert Killick, MD, cScape
  56. Robin Charney, Sr. Marketing Manager – Web Platform Solutions, Adobe
  57. Robin Howard, Client Services Director, BT
  58. Roger Thelwell, Founder / Operations Director, mook
  59. Rory Cellan-Jones, Technology Correspondent, BBC
  60. Sean Glass, Founder, Pikum
  61. Spencer Gallagher, Founder / Managing Director, Bluhalo
  62. Stephanie Bouchet, Head of Marketing, Joost
  63. Thayer Driver, Independent Consultant
  64. Tim O’Neill, Founder / MD, Reactive
  65. Tom Holmes, Founder & Chairman, Creativebrief
  66. Tom Nixon, Founder, Nixon Mcinnes
  67. Torie Chilcott, Co-founder, Rockabox Media
  68. Will Jeffery, Managing director, Maverick Media
  69. Will McInnes, MD, Nixon McInnes
  70. William Makower, Managing Director, Panlogic
  71. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, Technology Evangelist, _ _ _ _ _
  72. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, Partnership Manager, _ _ _ _ _

Those with blanks for names aren’t allowed to be named as the company is way too cool. You know who you are 😉 Can you guess who it is?

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Top Cats isn’t restricted to the UK. We welcome Top Cats from any country to get in touch should they wish to rub shoulders with, er, cats. Check my previous post for more information and email me if you would like to attend, or would like to recommend someone you know.

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