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Recapture lost opportunities with the new VeGenie Retargeting App

Posted by July 2, 2014
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What is Retargeting?

A customer enters your store, enquires about a particular item, then leaves without purchasing. You know there’s a potential sale, and that there’s every chance that person will be buying a similar item sooner rather than later.

In this scenario you can’t send your best sales person to follow that visitor along the high street, reminding them of your business. With online retargeting you can.

Retargeting keeps track of the people who visit your site and what they’ve been looking at. It then displays targeted ads to them as they flit between different sites online, keeping your brand front and centre.

About the VeGenie App

With the VeGenie App, you can re-engage these lost customers with dynamic display adverts. So, what do we mean by dynamic?

If you own a store with an inventory of 100 products and purchased one prominently placed billboard, you could display one item. The online equivalent of this is a static ad. You could proudly show off your best seller or perhaps a new item, and you would accrue some conversions no doubt. But what about the other 99 products in your inventory?

With dynamic adverts produced by the VeGenie App, the merchant can showcase their entire product range through one advert tailored by previous customer browsing behaviour. So this highly targeted ad space would show the specific item(s) a user has engaged with, increasing relevance and, in turn, its chance at being successful.

Below is an example of the fairly standard purchasing journey. The visitor has browsed specific holiday accommodation on precise dates.

Retargeting, Improving Conversions, Abandonment, eCommerce.

However, only 2% of visitors will convert first time around, so like the other 98%, they’ve abandoned their potential purchase and are elsewhere on the web.

As demonstrated below, the unique VeGenie App places a dynamic retargeting ad on the right hand side of the web page, reminding them of their abandoned purchase and keeping your brand at the forefront of the users mind.

Retargeting, Improving Conversions, Abandonment, eCommerce.

So how does it work?

The further down the purchasing path, the more personalised the ad will become, with the clients retaining full control over the products included. Driving this personalisation are four data points, used to track customer behaviour:

Product – this quite simply tells us what your visitor was looking at. Broken down into product, sub-category and category. The more information gathered here the more relevant the ads displayed will be.

Basket – this allows you to see when a customer has added something to their basket. Allowing you to fine-tune your retargeting campaign.

Conversion – this gives you the total value of all products that a customer bought on your site from a retargeting advert.

Purchased item – this gives you the specific item your customer has purchased. Making sure you don’t show your visitor advert(s) for something they’ve already bought from you. An added feature is that the opportunity to upsell to your customer exists – really monetising their visit.

The tracking of your customers’ journey is anonymous, invisible to users and harmless to their computers. Most importantly, absolutely no personally identifiable data is gathered.

If you’re interested in this unique solution, simply contact the account management team on and we will enable the service for you on our platform.

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