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Say nothing more than YES

Posted by October 26, 2016
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Elke Kummer, 13 September 2016


An introduction…
I am a proud Arch Graduate myself, and let me tell you life after finally working in my dream job, joining a company I really believe in – is not just going ‘back to normal’ – it’s even better! Before I get into that however, let’s rewind a little…
After three very enjoyable and (more or less) carefree years at university – life finally starts and most of us learn that the hard way. We’ve all been there and went though similar emotions, especially during the first couple of days/weeks after our graduation or when we’ve finally submitted our Bachelor project –  when there is nothing more left to ask yourself than ‘what’s next?’.

Let’s start at the beginning…
Although it’s great to be in the spotlight for one day and then travel, have some fun and hang out with friends on a regular basis, I silently panicked at the prospect of maybe not findingthat perfect job or graduate scheme. But the worst was, the more job ads I read and the more applications I decide to send out, the more it became apparent that my university’s career centre/adviser had failed me. ‘Digital’ only seemed to be the buzzword and I was mostly unclear about what it actually involved, universities failing to discuss the importance of ‘digital’ to companies in the 21st century.

Embrace the opportunity, become a digital superstar…
My Arch Graduates’ colleagues and I were all super keen to join an exciting company. I was looking forward to work in an industry I am passionate about, learning something new every day all while seeing the impact I have on how things are done around a business. And IT HAPPENED – despite my digital skills gap or, more accurately, BECAUSE OF IT!

I joined a programme (training and company) that offered this opportunity. Now I am on my way to becoming a digital ‘superstar’ and am kicking-off an exciting and successful career in a tech-driven and fast changing environment.

My digital skills gap made me realise that intensive training and continuous learning in digital, business and leadership is a must. Joining Arch Graduates and being part of a great group of interesting and incredibly bright graduates and working at companies has massively enhanced my experience and speeded-up my personal and professional development. The training equipped me with the digital and business skills I need to succeed in the position I am in now and to help me build a high-flying career in a start-up company. Well, look at that, my digital skills gap actually turned into a huge benefit for myself.

Not many graduates and employees have the digital expertise I am currently developing! I am gaining a competitive edge and getting ahead of those who have been in the same role for almost 3 years already. I learned from and worked with the best people in the industry, and within my cohort kept each other on the tips of our toes! It seems like not having known everything from the beginning, made me say ‘YES’ to an opportunity that was the perfect fit for what I was looking for.

Stay calm…
So, I believe that I now speak on behalf of my colleagues, when I advise you to not limit yourself during your job search. Be open-minded and embrace all the opportunities that will open up along the way, learn from the great people around you, challenge yourself and say YES! Don’t settle for anything less than you set out for and don’t lose sight of your dream job.

Even though looking for the perfect job can be nerve wracking, just enjoy it and don’t panic! Everything is going back to normal very soon!

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