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  • How does a CEO’s image effect their firm’s reputation?

    Posted by on July 19, 2016

    A CEO’s reputation is inextricably linked with their company, often determining public perceptions of the overall brand. Therefore if a CEO’s reputation is put at risk, it can often threaten the image of their brand. How does a CEO’s personal image effect their firm’s reputation? Sir Phillip Green As a case study let’s look at
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  • Know When To Back Off

    Posted by on January 16, 2015

    One of the reasons that the UK isn’t a great fan of sales people is that most of them don’t know when to back off. In my opinion that is because they are either badly trained, badly managed or are too aggressive and have no idea how to nurture relationships properly. In either case it
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  • New York ad tech: five observations

    Posted by on December 10, 2013

    Advertising technology professionals seem to be a dime a dozen in New York, with more than 8,000 of them in town for a recent conference. This is a sector that’s booming – but what can we on this side of the pond learn from the state of ad tech in New York? 1. Confusion in
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  • 3. Mobile brand gaming – Play and Communication

    Posted by on October 23, 2013

    PLAY For as long as humans have stood on two legs (probably when we were on all fours) we’ve invented distractions to occupy us and entertain us. Playing takes us to a place where we become more relaxed, immersed and focused. We overcome challenges, we get competitive and we even get angry, but ‘play’ as
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  • The iDigital Summit are proud to announce STRANGE (creative digital marketing agency) as our main sponsor

    Posted by on August 16, 2012

    iDigital Main Sposor: Strange is a creative digital marketing agency. Clients achieve exceptional results from our award  winning planning, creative, web development, ecommerce and digital marketing services. Clients benefit from our approach and experience.  Whether it’s a CPA focused marketing campaign, a complex ecommerce integration project or just brilliant creative, we help our clients achieve
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  • The iDigital Summit is happy to welcome Experian Marketing Services, as a confirmed supplier to The iDigital Summit.

    Posted by on August 13, 2012

    Experian’s range of digital products, including Hitwise, CheetahMail and Alchemy, ensure you are ahead of your competition in search, analytics, email, mobile and social media.  And when combined with our consumer classification and segmentation tool, Mosaic UK, we can provide you with the data, insights and tools you need to execute multi-channel campaigns with successful
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  • Best of British at the Digital Marketing Forum

    Posted by on March 14, 2012

    BIMA’s chairman, Justin Cooke, presented the best of British digital media at the Digital Marketing Forum today, using BIMA Award-winning projects to illustrate key trends over the past year. These included: gamification; rich content experiences; convergence and dual-screening; digital-lead campaigns; and mobile – with every major campaign possessing an iOS element. Justin said: “It’s a
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  • Branding Utility is the answer. Seriously.

    Posted by on October 22, 2008

    I wrote a post on Brand Republic today about the dangers of taking things at face value. For example, there must be more to Sarah Palin than the glossy anti-intellectual sneering so neatly taped by Tina Fey. (“I can see Russia from ma house”). Hmm. But in the world of the ‘innernet’ and all it
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  • Is digital now normal?

    Posted by on August 18, 2008

    Unilever recently announced that the digital team at HQ is being disbanded and the team will become part of the communications planning department. It’s not the first time that there has been effort to provide digital accelerant in companies where marketing is critical. Others that spring to mind are the original Interactive Brand and Customer
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  • Death of the URL? Only if you’ve cracked natural search, mate.

    Posted by on July 22, 2008

    Orange has eschewed the campaign URL in its latest campaign “I am” where the payoff asks consumers to search for “I am everyone”. When you do, you get a paid link to click on. The first natural link however, is for a site called “I am bored”, and there is no sign of Orange in
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