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The State of Digital Marketing – Scottish Edition

Posted by March 14, 2014
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At this month’s BIMA ThirstDay Edinburgh event, Ambergreen Internet Marketing took us to the devil. The Devil’s Advocate, that is, where digital marketers from agencies all over Edinburgh connected over chocolates from Hotel Chocolat and two particularly hot topics in digital today:

What is the Most Overhyped Marketing Channel? and What is the Sleeping Giant of Digital Marketing?

Guests were asked to give their opinions for a chance to win a voucher from Devil’s Advocate, but of course everyone was eager to share already. In a great example of content marketing, Ambergreen compiled everyone’s answers into the infographic below and beamed it onto the wall for the big reveal.

*Drum roll please*

Social Media and Big Data both vied for Most Overhyped Marketing Channel with the crowd agreeing they’re no more than terms unless they’re understood and measured correctly. SEO, despite being frequently thrown around by businesses when talking online these days, was felt to be an essential part of an integrated marketing strategy rather than a standalone service.

Mobile/Responsive Design was unanimously voted in as the Sleeping Giant of Digital Marketing, with reasons ranging from ‘Google care about it and so should we’ to the poetic ‘its true value is still not realised’. Regardless of the reasoning, the people had spoken, and the message was that touchscreen is an area full of promise.

Check out the full results below. What would you cast your votes for?

A good time was had by all and CEO, Tino Nombro, and new addition and Head of Strategy & Planning, Josh Englander, both said a few words. At the end of the night, one lucky attendee had their ballot plucked at random from the pile to win a voucher to return for yet more drinks and nibbles.

Thanks to everyone who came out! Let the discussion continue: do you agree with the crowd’s choices? What’s most overhyped or undervalued in your opinion?

  1. On March 17th, 2014, John Fegaj said...

    There we have it, getting traffic from the folk who have the traffic is over-hyped. Wait what?

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