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Tracking conversions for your paid search (PPC) campaign

Posted by June 2, 2016
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If you’re spending money on paid search, you should always have tracking in place to help determine your ROI. The more you spend, the more important it becomes to track what users do after clicking on your ads.

Tracking allows you to:

  • Identify your return on investment and where money is best spent
  • Discover what keywords, ad groups and campaigns are most profitable
  • Test multiple ads, keywords, landing pages and offers
  • Test new ads and conversion pages effectively and quickly

AdWords and Bing Yahoo Tracking

Both the Google AdWords and Bing Ads platforms give you the option to download conversion tracking code that can be added to the source code of your ‘thank you’ or conversion page. This code then collects conversion data in your account.

Analytics Tracking

To get more information about how paid search traffic behaves once it gets to your website, it’s best to link your Google Analytics property to your AdWords account. This information can shed light on the engagement of your paid search traffic, how much of your website traffic or sales comes from AdWords, and help you to improve your ads and website.

You can also tag the URLs of your Bing Yahoo ads so that traffic for these campaigns is tracked correctly in Google Analytics.

The same process of tagging URLs can be used to track most forms of marketing, and can be used with various analytics software, if you don’t use Google Analytics.

Call Tracking

Call tracking allows you to track calls that have resulted from paid search advertising. A code snippet dynamically inserts a forwarding number on the website after a user clicks on an ad. Conversions are tracked whether a user dials the number or clicks on it from their phone.

AdWords Call Conversions – This works for AdWords only and reports calls at campaign, ad group, keyword and ad level. The main benefit is that it’s free and better than not tracking any calls.

ResponseTap – This works by inserting a forwarding number for every unique user that visits your website. It can link directly to Analytics and can be used to provide staff with additional information when they pick up the phone to a customer, for example, what page of your site the user is on or what keyword they searched for.

Offline Conversions

At times, a click on a paid search ad doesn’t lead directly to an online sale, but instead starts a customer down a path that ultimately leads to a sale in the offline world, such as at your office or over the phone. With a small amount of programming, you’ll be able to determine the source of each paid search enquiry and then import conversion and conversion value data into AdWords or Analytics.

By Chloie Brandrick, Marketing & Content Executive at Click Consult.

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