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What Clients want – Post 5

Posted by July 3, 2007
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Okay, so we’re now halfway through.  It all seemed so much easier when I stood up with a glass of wine in my hand and spoke for 20 mins on this subject – but I think I’m getting my blogging energy back up to peak performance.  And with that…

Insight 5 – Clients want Rich ideas, not Big ideas

There has been a great explosion of industry insiders blogging over the past eighteen months, and in particular planners seem to have been prolific in their adoption of blogs, generating something aptly called the “plannersphere”.  If you haven’t already dipped into this, I suggest a glass of wine and a couple of hours spare to read the thoughts, musings and arguments on excellent blogs such as Richard Huntingdon’s Adliterate, John Grant’s Brand Tarot and Russell Davies’ we are observing your earth (or whatever it may be called this week).

In true “standing on the shoulder’s of giants” fashion, it’s from Russell that I shamelessly pinched his thought of “Rich ideas, not Big ideas”. For me, Rich ideas can be applied to business problems; Big ideas only inhabit the world of communications. But I won’t try and explain it myself – do go and read Russell’s thoughts directly on Rich ideas as he makes a much better job of it than I. After all, as Russell says

Give a good digital agency (a rich idea) to play with and they’ll do something magical, give them the average advertising idea and they’ll do a stupid flash game.

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